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About presence, embodiment and authentic self

To day's life, where we're often involved in a very fast pace of running to different ce places and where we have high level expectations of perfect performances to the request m and so many things to do lead us to live, sometimes, "out of our center and our grounded self", out of the conciseness and connections to our being and our body and soul and the rest of the world.

This workshop will offer a space in which, through guided exercises, based on Laban Movement Analisys, Creative Movement and Authentic Movement techniques , you can find a way back to be connected again to yourself, to be grounded and present in , a more embodied way , where soul, body, emotions, meet and connect in an authentic way using our creativity.

To gain means to really become present in our self; , we will work in movement where our body /soul will find connections.

To be present means to be conscious of our body, feeilings, sensations, emotions, of the space we are in and that we occupy.

To maintain the stance of a full presence, demands working from a grounded and centered position. To be centered is to be in the center of oneself and of the sphere of one's energy fields, one's personal space or Kinesphere .To be grounded is to send your energy down to the earth to the center re of the hearth like a tree, when you are grounded your roots are firmly planted so you are connected to the earth energy.

To connect is a basic principal, to be present in one self and to be connected to others, to be present to the world around us.

In this workshop we will support your ability to recognize CONNECTION and PRESENCE IN THE MOMENT. That sense of connection can be from the deep within in us to other less know. That connection can be a recognition of our connection to all beings in the universe, or to God at work in our lives, or even to a simple rock or blade of grass in this moment.

With committed embodied practice, it is possible to discover that ordinary and extraordinary experiences can exist in an integrated way.

Date: 10:00am-5:30pm, October 4-7, 2018

Place: IPI Dance, Room 232, 2nd floor Hongji Fashion Center, NO.68 Tongchuang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

To apply: please contact Penny PENG (86)13436367045

E-mail: dmt@inspirees.com



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