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Healing Soul through Arts – Connecting Eastern and Western Wisdom

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Beijing Normal University
Beijing, China
Sunday, Sep 29, 2019 to Monday, Oct 7, 2019

Applying for the Inspirees Institute membership gives you benefits of access to CAET journal full texts, CAET webinars, discount for Inspirees courses and events.

Inspirees Swan Club is a community for dedicated professionals and individuals in the field of creative arts education and therapy and body-mind practice and research. Membership benefits include access to CAET journal full articles, CAET Webinars, discount for Inspirees courses, and events (CAET World Forum etc.).

  • 金卡会员 Gold


    1.  免费阅读CAET期刊在线文章,并可下载PDF;

    2.  免费参加CAET在线系列研讨会网络课程;

    3.  亿派课程/会议享受八折优惠。

    Membership Gold

    -  Free access to CAET journal full text online; free PDF download

    -  Free access to CAET webinar series (37 sessions)

    -  20% discount on the courses and events from Inspirees

    *付款后7天之内可以申请全额退款,7天之后恕不退换。Fully refunded within 7 days after the order; no refund after 7 days. 

    Price:RMB 4,999 / 1 year