Event Details

Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET) World Forum will take place in China in Oct 2019. The forum will include keynotes, workshop, roundtable meeting, performance covering a variety of topics such as art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy and music therapy etc. We expect the delegations and participants from different countries and regions join this event. We have the honor to have Professor Shaun McNiff, Lesley University, one of the founders of world expressive arts therapy, to do the keynote speech at the forum. Some highlighted sessions:

  • Keynotes and workshops in arts therapy
  • Round table meeting, Asian Association of LBMS - Laban and Somatics
  • Outsider arts symposium and exhibition
  • Annual meeting of Chinese Group of Arts Therapy, Chinese Psychological Society
  • Dance for Parkinson's Disease - Human-centered healthcare management
  • Certification ceremony for CMA (certified movement analyst) and dance therapists

CAET World Forum is presented by Inspirees Institute, CAET journaland other partners. CAET is the brand of Inspirees Education Group and consists of CAET journal, CAET webinar series, CAET World Forum.